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Brass Tacks: How Searchable Is Your Business?

Why WebRev, a Chicago Based SEO Marketing Group Belongs on the Tip of Your Tongue


Ok, close your eyes, spin around really fast, then open your eyes and point! Whatever you’re pointing at had about a 75% better shot of getting your attention than a random website slung up on the internet without strategic search engine optimization (SEO) and methodical backlinking.

Yes, we know, these terms mean nothing to you. You’ve heard them spoken at tables populated by a gaggle of serotonin-deficient programmers, but without your Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Wheel, what chance did you have at unraveling the encrypted, casually slung short-code lingo of the Morlocks? You’re still trying to figure out if “LOL” is “Laugh out Loud” or “Lots of Love,” for goodness sake. And what the heck is that Mayan Calendar thing about anyway? “Simplicity! Simplicity!”, you shout in futility.

WebRev has heard your cries, and we wear capes for a reason (mostly because they allow us to smuggle our own candy into movie theaters). By putting today’s seemingly complex digital marketing strategies into laymen terms, you’ll discover why in just the past year, WebRev has experienced over 500% growth, and is becoming one of the leading agencies for internet marketing in Chicago.

Why You Need Web Marketing Strategies

Contrary to popular techno-wives’ tales, Google (reflective of all search engines) doesn’t really care how many people have visited your website. Rankings are not affected by web traffic in any way. In fact, to bring it right down where the rubber meets the road, Google identifies rank value by way of two categories:

  • On-page Optimization
  • Backlinks

Yep. That’s it. At the end of the day, that’s where you are. But…where is that exactly? Good question. Baby steps, ladies and gentlemen. Baby steps.

As most of us can attest, relationships are rarely a 50/50 venture; and the pairing of on-page optimization and backlinking is no exception. While backlinking accounts for nearly 85% of high-ranking Google love, on-page optimization cruises in at a measly 15%.

So What the Heck Is A Backlink?

About.com defines a backlink as: “a link coming from another website to your own.”

In other words, your content becomes more visible, and increases in rank, as more sites choose to link to your site.

Sounds easy enough. Get other site to link to my site – got it, but… not so fast. You can’t just wander around pushing your link to every Tom, Dick and Webby that comes along. What’s more, deciding who to hire to be responsible for your backlinking strategies can be a strategy of its own. Here’s why:

Link farms, websites set up strictly to establish interlinking networks between unrelated sites, have become a popular breed of spam-linking employed by…well…lesser marketing companies looking to make a quick buck. The theory is that by having a central hub of cross-linking, the popularity of all sites within the network will simultaneously increase.

This strategy can be the single worst thing you can do for your business as nearly all search engines remove link farms from their directories the moment they find them. Additionally, if caught using this or any other “spammy” link strategies, Google can, and often will penalize participating sites…

The WebRev Solution

While some online advertising agencies in Chicago believe effective backlinking is rooted in volume, others say a single link to a relevant, high quality site is worth its weight in gold. WebRev works diligently to employ both schools of thought by creating organic backlinking through logical association with relative sites resting atop the proverbial techno food chain. Our strategy, as one rather enlightened individual put it, is:

“An enlightened blueprint destined to be the proverbial olive branch between the two tribes.” – anonymous

What can we say? We play well with others.

Of course, another question remains:

Who’s Down with OSOP?

Though on-site optimization only constitutes a whopping 15% of your searchable Google prowess, it should in no way be ignored or cast aside like some digitized pariah.

If backlinks represent the bones and joints of your internet identity, keywords and optimized content constitute the complexity of your personality, the shape of your face, the tone or your voice. Without target keywords and engaging content surrounding them, Google has no clue as to where to place you in the infinite marketplace of the ethernet.

Why WebRev is the Best Choice for Your Business

Internet marketing in Chicago has come a long way since the days of dial-up, AOL, and Google inception. We’ve gone farther. And as far as SEO in Chicago goes, you can’t do better than WebRev. We consider each client a partner and treat each campaign with the care and attention we do our own. In fact, we are proud to boast a less than 1% client attrition rate!

Stated Simply, when you become a WebRev client, our first order of operation is to look carefully at your business and do our best to gain an understanding of the buying triggers for your customer base.  By knowing what truly motivates your audience to make a purchase decision we’ll be able uncover the most valuable key-terms in your market. Think of it this way. Someone searching the term “Samsung” may only be browsing. This person is, in all likelihood, quite far from a purchase. However, another searcher using the keyterm “Samsung HD tv 1080p 55 inch” has got their credit card in hand, and is prepared to buy. At WebRev, we affectionately call these keyterms the “Gold Nuggets”… and we, are expert gold miners.

Still have questions? Awesome. We love questions. Give us a call and allow us to explain in detail why we are who we are and what we can do for you. It will be our pleasure.

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