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Take Your Visitors From Browsers to Buyers! 

Forget Driving New Website Visitors. Focus More on Converting Your Existing Traffic To Customers With The WebRev Conversion Rate Optimization Package.

More often than not, when we first meet with a new client, very little focus has been paid to the website.

On occasion, we will find a truly beautiful site, however, the client’s biggest problem is that the site is not doing its only job… CREATING NEW CUSTOMERS!

What’s more, most clients believe that the single route to new business is through relentlessly pushing more visitors to the website.

In a word that’s, well, wrong.

Here’s the scoop.

Your website already has visitors, or in industry jargon traffic.

That traffic was certainly hard-earned. You’ve been doing your best to get the word out since your launch, and thankfully, your audience has responded by visiting your website.

You may, however, be asking yourself… self, “where are the sales?”

At this point most will work to send MORE and MORE traffic. In fact, most “professional” marketing companies will follow the same suit (which, inevitably leaves us baffled… but more on that later).

I probably don’t have to tell you, but rustling up new traffic is HARD!

At WebRev, we believe every good marketing campaign needs to be built on a solid foundation.

And that foundation begins with your website.

Your website should be your VERY BEST employee. After all, a website never sleeps. Never gets sick. No cigarette breaks. Always selling. Always converting browsers to buyers.

Let’s say your site, on average, is receiving 1000 visitors a month. Out of that, 20 “convert” into a paying customer. Your conversion rate is therefore, 2%.

With the WebRev Conversion Rate Optimization package, we will work diligently to increase through tracking visitor behavior with our super-nifty tools, as follows:

• Heat Mapping – detect which areas are being seen as “hot” spots and “cold” spots. We also track which areas are being avoided and which areas visitors are flocking to.

• Click Tracking – tracks and pinpoints exactly where people are clicking on website.

• Scroll Mapping – What percentage of people scroll and how far down they scroll on your website. Did you know that on average more than half of your website’s visitors will scroll!

• Google Analytics Research – provides statistics of website traffic, referral source, referring keywords and more.

Consider the above example. An increase in your conversion rate by just 1% ( which, by the way is an absurdly low conversion rate ), would mean 10 new paying customers each month, effectively doubling your business.

Try to imagine a 3% conversion rate increase – 30 new customers.

5% – 50 new customers

or (hold your breath) 30% increase in conversions – 300 new customers…that month!

All this without driving ANY new traffic!

We’ve literally taken websites from a less than .01% conversion rate to over 51% with a few small tweaks and consistent testing – and we want to do the same or better for you!

Are we starting to get the picture here? C.R.O. (conversion rate optimization) is and should be the very first thing you take action on before focusing on driving any new traffic to your site.

Ready to get started on building your conversion-making-machine-of-a-website?

Great! Shoot us a note or give us a call.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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