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Customer Service Would Be Easy…If It Weren’t For The Customers

 Why saying Thank You is more important today than it ever has been before



The Big Box Era, according to Gary Vaynerchuck (one of our personal fav’s) refers to the not so long ago time when the Target’s, Wal-Mart’s and Best Buy’s dominated the retail landscape.

That, my friends, is changing.


As a populous we’ve spent billions of dollars at these stores, and for the most part, these giant conglomerates have no idea who you or I are.

But forget all that for now.

I’ll tell you a story.

I have a butcher down the street. I know that sounds funny, but really… I have a butcher, right down the street, his name is “Smalls”.

Smalls is 400lbs or more.

I like Smalls. He barely fits behind the counter, but manages to chew my ear about this and that each time I come in. Sometimes on lunch breaks. Sometimes after work when I grab a steak for the fam.

And I don’t know if it’s a cliché to remember each of your customers as a butcher, but Smalls sure does. Every time I walk in he greets me with smile and calls me by name. Actually he calls me “Burt”, my last name, but close enough. And each time I walk out, I notice myself smiling. It’s the kind of smile that sticks with you. The kind of smile that, if anyone were to glance over, would certainly wonder why you were smiling. That smile normally lasts near to my entire drive home, and returns instantly when I see him again.

In fact, I see myself going to see him more often. Maybe for the sirloin, maybe for Smalls, but I can get a sirloin almost anywhere.

Do you see what I’m saying here?

I can drive to Whole Foods and get an equally marbled, grass fed piece of beef for the same price, but I’ll drive the extra 5 miles (in Chicago traffic) to see Smalls.

Because Smalls is my homie. And I believe I am his.

I remember smalls everyday. Mostly because I’m hungry and also because I know that treating clients with that same level of warmth, attention, and care is absolutely paramount to any other aspect of my business.

Absolutely. Paramount.

Think about your own business. Are you or anyone in your organization half the human Smalls is (no weight jokes here folks)?

When was the last time you responded to customer feedback on your company’s Facebook page? How about calling a client to ask them if your services have been beneficial? Or when did you last call you patient to follow up on their last visit?

Get it?

It’s all to easy for any, moderately displeased customer to write an absolutely scathing review of your business. And whether or not you feel like you’re immune to negative reviews, they hurt. Personally & Professionally.

In our experience with clients, we’ve seen real, quantified monetary losses due soley to negative reviews. I always wonder what scenario was so dire that it couldn’t have been remedied with a few kind words? A few more moments of attention.

Here’s the best part.

Almost every possible “good will” action you can take in your business  is 100% certified FREE!

Compliments aren’t cheap here people. They’re FREE! Hand those suckers out like candy on Halloween.. but mean it. I guarantee you’ll see business grow, clients spend more, and maybe next time you’ll be the one driving the hole way home with that goofy grin.

And Smalls, if you’re reading this. Thanks for everything. I’ll see you tonight buddy.




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