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Don’t Think Your Company Needs a Blog? Here are 13 Reasons Why You’re Wrong! | WebRev Marketing & Design
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Don’t Think Your Company Needs a Blog?
Here are 13 Reasons Why You’re Wrong!

to_blog_or_not_to_blog_shakespeare_blog_tipsOk folks, in our humble option, blogging for business doesn’t get as much credit as it should. Here are 13 reasons why your  business may live or die by your blog.

Read on my friend!

1. Because Having a Blog is Super Cool (and Google hates lazy websites).

Lazy bloggerWhen readers view a company website and see that they have an active blog, they get a sense that the leadership in that biz really cares. When was the last time you visited a dead blog… kind of like “cricket”, “cricket” right?

Keep your blog sexy. There’s nothing worse than an ugly blog. Readers aren’t going to want to stick around and check it out.

Post at least once a month on your blog and signal to Google that your site is still alive and kicking. If you post less than that, Google won’t be likely to visit it and give it a low rank.

2. It’s Your Blog- Own It!

own itWhen you post on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you are essentially giving up control. Unfortunatly, there are many risks that go into posting content on social media networks (Boo). While it is beneficial, posting on your own blog is yours and no one can touch it but you.

On Facebook and other social media sites, you run the risk of violating terms of service and getting our profile deleted, which would be a total bummer. But on your blog, your content is yours and has more advantages for businesses than people realize.

3. Blogging = More Traffic (the good kind of traffic)

trafficIf your company is blogging regularly- and blogging relevantly- then there’s a good chance that you will score some serious social media attention.

As long as you are writing and people are reading, links will be shared and your website traffic will be sure to grow.

4. Social Media Is Your Friend

socialIf you’re not writing about intriguing topics then you’re screwed. It’s not easy getting visitors to share links to your website via Twitter or Facebook if what you’re saying is not interesting, relevant, funny, sexy, goofy, awe-inspiring, attention detracting… etc.

People are going to share inks to your blog posts that not only catch their attention but also if the blog is being updated regularly. These links via social media (sometimes called “social signals”) will help your SEO and boost your traffic.

Make sure you’re active not only through your blog but on networks such as Facebook and Twitter regularly. Now go  update that status!

5. Showcase Your Stuff

your stuffShow potential customers that you really know your craft. Not only do you know it but also you understand it. In fact, show them you understand it well enough to have fun with it!  The more your know about your business, the more you grow with your business.

Cheesy? Ya maybe… but we like cheese.

You want your customers to feel comfortable before they invest in any time or money with your company. If a customer reads an article or two written by you and your staff then they will see the legitimacy of your business. Let them know that YOU know what’s up.

6. It’s All About Search Engine Optimization… SEO Baby, Yeah!

blogging for seoIf you want to rank high in Google search results, you’ve got to have more content on your website. Sometimes referred to as having a “heavy” or “deep” site.

Each page of your website should be about one specific thing. In each blog post that you write, you need to shoot for having a single keyword phrase. That repeated phrase or keyword will better your odds of ranking in Google search.

It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, we promise.

7. Set The Bait, Hook Those Links

yoursiteHere’s the deal. You’ve probably guessed that the more that you provide links in your blogs that you’re writing, the more your site will appear in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Writing an inspirational / educational / controversial / funny post about your business on your website will surely attract visitors and motivate them to link your website to their own.

Industry Jargin for this is “Link Bait”. Meaning that the more people dig your blog posts, the more likely they are to reference you in their blog. And every time they do, that’s another sweet sweet link pushing you ever higher in the search results.

8. DO THIS:  Keep People Interested. DON’T DO THIS:  Be Lame.

charlie-sheen-winningIt’s Simple – if you want potential customers to buy your product or call about your services- your blog could and should be the reason why they do that.

If someone reads an interesting post on your blog and they see that you post regularly, they are more likely to continue to visit and hopefully share your post with friends and colleagues.

9. All Hail the CTR Power of Google Authorship

authorshipBlogs that have the highest CTR (click-through-rate) are the ones that Google will recognize as an authority. When Google does bequeath you the king of the land, they very generously lend your search result a smiling picture of you and/or the user you assign as the “author”.

Why is this important?

Users are more attracted to these links, and will more likely click when they can see a picture of the author, compliments of Google+ portrait, as well as a snippet of their article.

How do you get hooked up with Google Authorship?

Here’s the link: www.plus.google.com/authorship

10. Connect With Your Customers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe best thing about your blog is that it’s interactive. Readers can leave comments and the feedback is great for the writer for new ideas and inspiration.

Comments by visitors are also potential customers. Take the time to follow-up with the comment and interest them in reading more or linking up on other social media networks.

Don’t be shy, reach out and show your readers that you are there to help!

11. Turn FAQ Into Something More

FaqIf you’re getting frequently asked questions from your customers then why not turn those answers into possible blog posts? Come on folks, get creative!

That way you’re answering a question that will not only help for now but can be referred back to later.

Your customers will see that you’re interested in what they have to say and open to any other questions that they may have in the future.

12. Blogs Don’t Have An Expiration Date

New-TwinkiesFacebook posts and newsletters via email will most likely be forgotten in a few days, right?… Right.

That status that your friend posted about their recent breakup or amazing meal went in one ear and right out of the other. Keep it smart and fun when you’re writing.

Even better, make your blog a forum for the relevant and intriguing. Your visitors will be more likely to come back for more – time & time again, even if the post is weeks or months old.

Go ahead blog about things that are significant to today but also something that readers can enjoy later on.

13. Your CEO Rocks – Make It Known

kenny-powers-kswiss-mfceo-motherfucking-ceo-k-swiss-you-shut-up-2011The CEO of your company is the leader of the pack, the king of the castle, the one with all of the answers (we hope)!

Give your CEO some credit and enhance their profile on social media outlets such as Linkdin.

Write your posts and include a byline so that your employees and CEO get some street cred. It makes them feel great and gives your readers an idea of who is involved in the company.

Get it? Good.

At the end of the day, you can only benefit from blogging and there really ain’t no dang risks involved y’all.

It’s great for feedback, inspiration, networking.. and it’s fun!

Now get blogging!


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