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Your Questions About Chicago SEO & Web Design, Answered Here! | WebRev Marketing & Design
WebRev Marketing & Design, Web Design, Chicago, IL




How Much Does A Website Cost?

Undoubtedly our #1 question is “How much will a website cost”? That, however, is also our most difficult question to answer without knowing many of the features and functionalities you and your business are looking to incorporate into your website.

Our best recommendation is this; Have a budget. If you have a solid budget, we will build you the very best website you’ll find within your budget.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

At WebRev, we pride ourselves on hitting deadlines. A typical website build out can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, however, a more robust website can take longer. Need a site in a hurry? No problem? We can ‘fast track’ your site to be sure your pressing deadline is hit as well!

What is A Keyword / Keyterm?

A keyword is defined as any word or set of words (keyterm) that a user would enter into a search engine.

What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which can be simply defined as optimizing a website in efforts to have that site rank at the top of the search engines (i.e. Google).

How Much Is SEO / Internet Marketing?

At WebRev Marketing & Design, we believe that success online is a combination of many different tactics. Every web marketing / online marketing campaign we design is custom tailored to your organization. That being said, 99% of every program is built upon a SEO foundation. We believe that holding a #1 position within the search engines is, to this day, the most effective online strategy & our rates are based upon the number of key-terms you would like to rank at the top of the search engines for.

How Long Until I See Results (ROI) From my Website?

At WebRev, we liken a website without a marketing campaign to a car without gas. It may look great… but it’s sure not going anywhere! Even the best looking website won’t create customers for your business without exposure & online traffic. Every WebRev online marketing & SEO campaign is designed to accomplish two very simple goals; Drive traffic to the website & convert that traffic into sales.

How Long Until I See Results (ROI) From my Web Marketing Campaign?

Our goal is always to create the greatest return on your investment, as quickly as possible. Strategies like paid advertising typically produce near to immediate results, but require constant investment. Other strategies like social media marketing & SEO are considered to be long term business strategies that are slower to show results, but once achieved, can produce lifelong profitability.

What Is Website Optimization?

A website needs to look good in two different ways for two different reasons. The first and most obvious reason is geared toward what we call “user experience.” If a website has an inviting, well-designed look, the user will have a pleasant experience and will therefore be more inclined to “convert” into a sale.

The second, and less obvious reason of the two, is back end programming or “html design”. When properly coded, a website will interact more easily with the search engines and will rank higher for your targeted keywords, in turn, producing more sales.

The solution: We employ 2 very different, very complimentary teams – Designers & Programmers. This Yin & Yang team will produce a great looking site & ensure its programming meets and exceeds search engine guidelines.

How Much Is Website Hosting?

At WebRev Marketing & Design our hosting programs are un-paralleled.

$29.95 a month for any non e-commerce based site.
$79.95 a month for e-commerce.

Each program includes a 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime, personal attention, & up to 30 minutes a month towards updates to your host (which includes hosting backups and platform updates).

No other website hosting company can boast this low of a price for this robust of a package.

Why Does Google Rank A Website #1?

The Google algorithm ranks any website number one for a given keyterm based upon an equation comprised of over 250 different factors. However, a simplified equation may be described as follows:

In-bound links + On Page optimization = Top Rankings

Think of Google as a popularity contest. The more inbound links, or other websites linking to your website, combined with proper back-end website coding, the higher Google will rank your site.

Do I Really Need Social Media For My Business?

The answer here may have been summed up perfectly by one of our favorite clients who said when asked why he uses social media for his business.

“Because my customers do.”

Is Online Video Really A Good Strategy for My Business?

In a word… Yes. A potential customer is 10x more likely to watch a short video than read a blog. What’s more, YouTube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine! In fact, YouTube has more potential customer eyeballs than Bing & Yahoo combined. If your business doesn’t have an online video marketing strategy, you’re being left behind.

Does My Business Really Need to Launch A Press Release?

Traditional media has led most businesses to believe that a Press Release is only necessary for big events. Online, the strategy has evolved. At WebRev we recommend a Press Release be distributed online at minimum, once a quarter.
Our award winning writers will compose a compelling Press Release and distribute it to an estimate 40,000 media outlets. This strategy is designed to encourage re-syndication, garner press coverage, and build incredibly relevant inbound links to your website.

Mobile Marketing, Does My Business Need It?

On average, our clients see anywhere from 22%-25% of all their existing web traffic derived from mobile search, on either a smartphone or tablet. That is a lot of opportunity to make a sale! If your business does not have a mobile marketing solution, you are missing a quarter of all sale opportunities.

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