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Local Business Owner? Google + Local, A Make or Break Strategy! | WebRev Marketing & Design
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Local Business Owner?
Google + Local, A Make or Break Strategy!

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 2.36.50 PMWe’ve all done it… A Google search and encountered the “maps”, or little red “pins” right? Have you ever wondered why Google choses to put them smack on the first page? Well folks, if you’re a local business owner, this blog is for you…

To clarify, the red “pins” indicated by a letter on the first page of Google search are there to highlight local businesses, and are more specifically referred to Google Places. And here is where it gets even more confusing. You may have heard of Google + (plus), the Google specific social network launched and designed specifically to compete with Facebook? Well, what Google has done now, is merged Google Places with Google +, creating a melting pot of sorts now referred to as Google + Local (a mouthful we know). Essentially, Google has found a way to strong-arm business owners into joining Google +… whether they like it or not! No Google + account, no maps listing!

That being said, and on the plus side (mind the pun), Google has created a pretty great arena in which you can highlight your local business. This platform easily gives your business a place to share info & help potential clients/ customers/ patients find you easily.

By joining search, local directories, and social networking all into one congruous venue, your listing now has the ability to rank on the 1st page of Google, and often above the organic listings for your most valuable keywords. Said simply, this means that now you can undoubtedly rank your Google+ Local listing the vital geo-modified industry related keywords (i.e. Dentist Chicago). What’s more, these listings also give locally based businesses the ability to engage, share & touch base with your customers in ways we couldn’t dream of just years ago.

So… I can hear you asking… that’s great, but how can this help me now? Consider that 20% of all searches performed online are local terms & more than 95% of mobile searches relate to local businesses. That’s a huge % of searchers that are looking for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Not only that but of those potential customers / clients / patients, nearly 80% will take action to contact you or visit your business directly. Needless to say, it’s mission critical that you have a optimize, own & dominate your local presence…

Just this simple tactic will increase your revenue dramatically just by going local with your business.

Contact WebRev today for more information on how to properly set up, optimize & dominate Google+ Local!

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Brian Burt is the founder of several successful online businesses including WebRev Marketing & Design, a full service SEO, Web Design, Social Media & Online Video Production Company. Find Brian on Google+!"

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