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Richard Conen DDS Website Design/Development

The Challenge:

DR. Richard Conen approached us with a handful of challenges.  His new & recurring patient volume was dwindling and his site was both outdated and under-optimized.  He wanted us to create a new website that would improve user experience and create new patients.  He put the continued success of his business in our hands.

The Gameplan:

  • Create a clean, attractive website to optimize for search, improve user experience, and encourage prospective patients to take action by immediately requesting an appointment.
  • Increase website features to include testimonials, credentials, and a bio
  • Implement SEO (search engine optimization) and social media strategies to drive more traffic to his page

The Big Win:

Before we had even completed our SEO work, Richard saw an immediate jump in submitted appointment requests and phone calls from the small amount of traffic he already had.  Once our SEO efforts kicked in, he saw a huge increase in his rankings, traffic and the number of first-time visitors who became patients.  His social media sent his business through the roof; it’s now the 2nd largest source of new patients after Google.  And now he’s proud to send both current and prospective patients to his site, which features his photo, before and after shots, and super clear contact information.  Needless to say, he’s no longer worried about having enough patients.



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