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Scott Phillips + Associates, Inc. Website Design/Development

The Challenge: 

International PR firm, Scott Phillips and Associates approached our firm with an outdated and broken website that aggregated very little traffic. Although a successful, modern company, their site made them look out of touch.  Scott asked us for a functional but uncluttered website:  “I wanted a website that did exactly what I wanted it to, no more, no less,” he told us.

The Gameplan:

  • Create an intuitive, beautiful website that would significantly improve user experience.
  • Find a way to feature full-screen, high-quality photos that wouldn’t result in long page load time.
  • Implement an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to increase web traffic.
  • Create a large social media presence to engage, entertain and create new clients on multiple platforms.

The Big Win:

Scott now has a site that he receives compliments on daily.  In fact, it’s one of the sites we hear the most about as well!  Typically, full-screen photos dramatically slow down page-load speed, which makes users jump ship.  We were able to compress the files of the elegant cityscape photos in a way that maintained the high resolution without slowing down the site.  Through our SEO strategy implementation, we made sure that as many people as possible were seeing this new, beautiful site – Scott quickly saw a 223% increase in traffic.  Our set-up and training on social media was also to thank for the increased web traffic as the firm was getting a whole new exposure on multiple social platforms.



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