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Looking For Social Media Marketing Chicago? | WebRev Marketing and Design | WebRev Marketing & Design
WebRev Marketing & Design, Web Design, Chicago, IL



Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube (just to name a few) have, from this day forward, profoundly changed the way your customers perceive & choose to make purchase decisions with your business… or not. Considered by many to be the largest socio-economic shift since the industrial revolution, this new way of bringing your company message to the public has fundamentally changed. Have you?

We have entered a world where your customers and the online cultures they create have a deep impact on our economic state and businesses, large and small, that operate within it. Traditional marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, eradicated by the powerful influence online peer groups. Did you know that your potential customer will research your product or service online, 86% of the time before making a purchase decision?
It’s time to realize your brand can, and will, either be re-enforced through an effective social media strategy, or destroyed without. Traditional ads have become less and less effective at motivating customers as compared to the recommendations of their online social groups. This trend will only continue and has made “direct-to-consumer” marketing increasingly less effective each day. However, savvy businesses are utilizing online networking and social sites as considerable focus groups & as an affective means to learn more about their customers on a one-to-one level. Never (in history) has the chance to create a deeply intimate, and lasting relationship with your customer been possible. Simply stated, ff social media is not yet a part of your online arsenal well, you’re already behind the curve… and the competition.

At WebRev Marketing & Design we are truly students of the Social Media craft. Together we can help your business stand out, make noise, expand brand awareness, create sales, and build enduring customer relationships.

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