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The WebRev Reputation Management Package | WebRev Marketing & Design
WebRev Marketing & Design, Web Design, Chicago, IL



The WebRev Reputation Management Package

Control Your Reputation and define Your Business with Reputation Management.

Did you know that out of 100 of your potential customers, 87 of them will research your company well before they choose to work with you? Customers want to know everything that they can before giving you their business. The last thing that we want is a customer stumbling into an….ahem…less than favorable rewview.

And unfortunately, negative first impressions don’t have a CTRL-ALT-DEL button. Trust us, if there were a button like that, we’d be all over it!

Those negative first impressions will, without a doubt, cost you.

We’ve witnessed clients lose out on literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue from a single bad review… YIKES!

Here’s the deal, you know the true value of your business reputation, and with the WebRev Reputation Management Package, we ensure that your audience does too.

Here’s how it works:

Negative reviews, reports, and complaints appearing in the Search Engine Results can typically never be removed.

That said, and a fun fact, near to 90% of all search engine users will never make it to the second page, let alone the third or fourth page.

Our strategy at WebRev is to push any defaming reviews, well off the first page and into the great dark abyss of page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…and ensure that review never rears its ugly head again.

The less severe, but more often occurring case is that of a bad YELF, Insider Pages, City Search etc review.

Because these sites themselves aggregate so many eyeballs, it is important to also monitor and defend your reputation here.

We’ve seen more than one case where a client’s business was made and broken by YELP reviews and raves.

Our strategy is simple. We will consistently monitor, filter and defend any incoming reviews for your business.

In the inevitable event of a less favorable review, we reach out on behalf of your business and personally contact the man or woman behind the review in efforts to correct any misgrievances in either A. Delete the bad review or B. Update the review with favorable content.

Simply said, making a personal connection with your reviewers is the key.

How’s that for being proactive?

What’s more, you will receive a comprehensive monthly report detailing every comment, complaint, compliment and concern voiced by your customer base. By giving you this global understanding of your demographic and allowing you the opportunity to address any issues before they become a problem, we remain in total reputation control.

Go ahead, try to quantify the value of a killer online presence… I dare ya!

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