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WebRev: Video Production in Chicago

 Welcome to the Complete Package

The need for video in business marketing isn’t as American as Apple Pie, but it’s certainly as necessary. Recent statistics show websites with videos on their homepage have roughly a 70% better chance of showing up on the first page of a Google search. But that’s not all, because next to Google, youtube.com is the most searched platform on the entire Internet. What marketing and advertising research is showing over and over again is that video is not only the wave of the future, it’s also the key to the present.

It’s estimated that every minute, over 60 hours of online video is uploaded to YouTube alone!

Although every 14 year old with a bottle of ketchup and a plastic sickle seems to be making their own YouTube horror film these days, quality video production in Chicago is no hack-n-slash. Yes, you can get mediocre, and at times even above average quality video content from a home digital camera with a built-in microphone, but if Hollywood has proven one thing over the years, it’s that professionals are still the best choice if you want the job done right.

It may surprise you that YouTube is the worlds 2nd (only to Google) most queried search engine. In fact, YouTube has now, more daily searches that Bing and Yahoo… combined! With all those eyeballs watching online video, now it the time for businesses, large and small, to market via online video. The following are just a few short reasons why:

It’s a simple fact that people prefer doing business with people. Second only to a face-to-face interaction, is online video. A potential client or customer is 10x more likely to watch a short promotional video for your business that to read your advertisement. What’s more, by activating more than one of the five senses, online video creates an intimate relationship with your customers and/or client.
Good News, your video budget no longer has to include a lot of zeros! At WebRev Marketing & Design we have cost effective solutions for every online video marketing budget. 
Engage, inspire, motivate, recruit, encourage purchase decisions, create an online show & more with online video. Truly, the breadth and depth of your online video is only limited by your imagination. 
Like warm butter, online video in 2012 couldn’t be easer to spread. It’s estimated that every minute, over 60 hours of online video is uploaded to YouTube alone! Wow. From there are often posted to Twitter and LinkedIn. Even more often, videos are shared by friends on Facebook and emerging sites like SocialCam.

Bottom line… WebRev Marketing & Design isn’t just another pit stop for Chicago film production, it’s the pit stop. We have the technology, the experience, and the expertise to produce the kind of video content you can be proud of. So don’t hesitate… contact us for all of your video production needs.

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